URows 1.0.0

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URows is a software for euro collectors :

Features :

Create, save your collection of euros from all countries possessing this currency
-Unlimited number of collection files
-Printing in "text" or "image mode", of present, missing or all coins 
-Countries updates will be made available through downloadable archives on this site

Please note that collection files ( ".col" extension ) are really small, and may be easily attached in a mail
 to a person having URows installed.

Requirements :

best  screen resolution is 1024 X 768
UNIX /LINUX users : you will have to download and install Sun's JRE 1.3 at http://www.java.sun.com

Upgrade to 1.5 :

Urows 1.5 features support for years.

To upgrade to 1.5, just extract the content of this archive to the installation directory
of Urows 1.0.0.
The download is really fast, since the archive is only 48 Kb !

Important :

-You will need to have URows 1.0.0 already installed
-Collections you may have already created with 1.0.0 will appear as empty collection with 1.5 .

Warning : Due to a bug, this archive has been modified on 4th September 2002 9 a.m (French time)
so please replace if you installed the earlier version.(collection files are still valid, though)